4 Quick and Easy ways To Increase Sales With Email Marketing

Did you know that most people visit their emails at least once a day? What better way to reach out and increase your sales than to present these people with a proposal they can’t resist.

I know! You are probably so focused on SEO, social media, and link building to notice the benefit of using email marketing.

Well, as much as your strategy might work just fine, you can always boost your revenue with email marketing, which is one of the most lucrative platforms you can use to deliver your marketing message.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the ideas you can use in email marketing to not only increase your sales but also your client base;

1. Use Killer Subject Lines:

Let’s face it, filling your email with goodies can be quiet useless if it never gets to be opened by the subscriber. Put in mind that, a captivating subject line is like that icing on the cake that makes you wanna taste the slab.

Therefore, it has to be pretty enchanting to work its magic. Note that the subject line is the only part most people read and therefore determines whether a potential customer will read your mail or not.

Firstly, avoid using direct marketing clichés like discount, sales, best etc. Instead, go for something creative that evokes a sense of curiosity.

For example, you can address your subscribers using their first name, which is particularly appealing to most people; Emails with subject lines that feature a client’s name always have a higher rate of being read.

2. Send Messages Regularly and Consistently:

Stop searching! There is no magic number for how often you should send emails to your customers. The more you send, the harder the message sinks.

Furthermore, you run the risk of being labeled a spammer if you go silent especially on anticipating subscribers.Recent polls suggest that 15% of consumers don’t mind receiving a promotional message daily.

What does this mean for you? It’s better to email your subscribers more often than not, translating into more sales for your business.

3. Use a Mobile Friendly Outline:

Millions of potential customers in the world today use cell phones to access their emails. Therefore, you must ensure your emails look just as good on a mobile phone as they would on a laptop.

You’ll need a service provider with responsive templates that automatically convert emails into a format that can be easily read on phone.

That having been done, you can sit back, relax and let your subscribers open, click, and buy your products from the convenience of their handsets.

4. Segment Your Customers:

Knowing and understanding your target audience is essential to ensure you only send your subscribers marketing messages that are relevant to their needs.

Remember, each subscriber on your contact list is different and has therefore unique interests; You’ll need to segment them into categories based on demographics, behavior and purchasing power.

You can then use the information to trigger automated emails for each group. That way, you can easily offer discounts to your customers based on factors such as how far they stay from the nearest store.

By sending emails that are more relevant, your revenue is guaranteed to hike by the click.

In short, it’s crystal clear that email has much to offer when it comes to improving your billing and client base.

All it takes is the right strategy as outlined throughout the article, and then you can make email marketing one of your most profitable channels.

Josh Phelps


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