4 Sure-Fire Ways of Attracting MORE Subscribers on Your Youtube Channel Today

There is no doubt; YouTube Videos are leading the way in the content marketing scene as of 2019.

whether you post for fun or promotional purposes, there is nothing as satisfying as hitting a milestone with your videos.

However, you’ll first need a lot of subscribers to win the attention of YouTube’s algorithm. Usually, you need 1000 plus subscribers to start monetizing your videos or rather to begin making extra bucks on YouTube.

Today, I will show you real ways of getting subscribers on YouTube; No theories, just four simple tactics that will get you there.

1. Polish Your Channel’s Design:

First impression is critical since it determines how potential subscribers are going to perceive not only your channel but also your brand.

The trick is to use striking YouTube channel art to create a layout that best defines your brand. In addition, you can optimize your channel name and description and make sure it looks appealing.

Keep in mind that the channel name doesn’t just appear on your homepage but also in searches and category suggestions across the site.

The key takeaway is to design with purpose, and the good looks will surely earn you more than a couple admirers.

2. Make a Captivating Channel Trailer:

You can always use the hannel trailers’ feature on YouTube to your advantage. Since channel trailers open automatically when a potential subscriber visits your channel, you must work on it more often to ensure it keeps viewers well engaged.

It’s like in ‘Deadpool 2’ when Wade Wilson says; it only takes a few seconds to become a hero. Likewise, you only have a few seconds to catch the attention of the audience with your trailer; usually 30 to 60 seconds.

You can always go for a quick, informative, engaging or entertaining introduction depending on the type of material you promote.

Also, regularly checking the viewer retention rate in your hannel reports’ will help you to see if your approach is working. If not, tweak it until it feats in.

3. Stick to Highly Watchable Content:

It is often hard to find a winning YouTube formula. However, it is also easy to hit gold with just the right content at the right time.

Since YouTube’s popularity comes with terrific competition, the best way to stand out from the rest of the pack and grow your subscriber base is to not only go for the best but also create and post content the people want to watch.

You can accomplish this by researching and finding out what’s hot in your niche, then finding a way of doing better.

You can also translate trending videos into multiple languages or give them captions. This will help you to rank on an international scale and therefore gain more subscribers.

4. Promote Your Channel on Social Media and Other Popular Sites like Amazon:

Over the past few years, social media has taken the world by storm. Surely, there is no denying the growing influence and potential of platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest, and Instagram, which you are probably part of.

For instance, Pinterest supports a visual search engine which can match perfectly with your YouTube strategy; you can build Pinterest collections that link back to your YouTube channel.

Similarly, you can do the same for all your social media platforms to promote your content as well as reach out to friends and new subscribers.

Josh Phelps


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