6 Conversion Tips to Boost Sales on Your Website Today

Getting visitors to your site might seem like an up-hill struggle, however that’s just the beginning. The real problem lies in getting them to do exactly what you want them to i.e. like, share, follow, subscribe or even buy from you.

There might be a heavy influx of traffic to your site but if your readers fail to convert then it’s useless to your business. The good news is with a few changes your conversions will skyrocket.

With that in mind, here are 6 proven conversion tips to boost sales on your website

1. Clear and Concise Headlines:

Your content headline is perhaps the most important aspect of your site and landing pages. Headlines are the first thing a visitor sees when clicking through to your web pages. The headlines have to be as clear and as concise as possible and with a promise i.e. the key takeaways your potential reader will get in reading to the end. Keep it short but not to the detriment of the message you intend passing across. It is what will encourage a reader to either click-through or click-away from your site.

2. Use Less Form Fields:

Studies show conversions decrease by as much as 11% with every extra field in your web forms. You don’t need to collect all that information at once. The single most important field is the email address, any extra field feels like too much work to consumers in recent times. Perhaps, after you’ve successfully collected their emails, you can request for other data you need at a later time.

3. Add Testimonials:

Consider adding customer testimonials on your sales pages. Think of the last time you bought a product simply because other users recommended them to you. Testimonials serve as social proof and help in assuring potential customers that they’re actually getting value for money. It also takes away any reservations they might have and shows them that real users are having real results with your product or services.

4. Features vs Benefits:

Many marketers make the mistake of just stating the features of their product or services in the hope that customers will like and buy from them. However, that’s not the reality. Your product may have one of the most fascinating features on the planet but you’ll not make sales if you fail communicate how it benefits your customers. What problems does these great features help them solve? Why should they buy from you instead of your competition? Until these questions are answered, sales are not improving anytime soon.

5. Strong Call-to-Action:

Don’t make the mistake of ending your article or sales page weakly, the tone you set at the beginning should be maintained throughout the page copy. What you want your readers to do at the end of the landing page should not be ambiguous. Want them to read another article? State it. Want them to fill a form? Buy a product? Use strong call-to-action buttons instead of links on your landing pages. Make them bold and to the point so that the next step to take is a total no-brainer.

6. Use Smart Pop-Up Forms:

A whooping 95% of visitors who land on your site will never return. That’s a mind boggling stat, however, you can turn this around. How? There are smart pop-up forms out there capable detecting when a visitor is about to click-away from your site. A pop-up form that offers a discount or other stuff of value pops up immediately such action is detected. Businesses who have integrated these forms into their marketing strategy have seen a 45% increase in customer retention.


There are a variety of other conversion tips to boost sales on your website. However, implementing the six of the strategies above will see your sales increase significantly.

Josh Phelps


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