How to Overcome Writer’s Block With These 5 Simple Tips

The year is 1987. Renowned author, Toni Morrison has just released one of his best-sellers called “Beloved,” which bases on a true African-American story.

The novel becomes such as hit that the press comes knocking. Listeners are, however, taken aback during a 1994 interview when they learn that Morrison conceived the idea about a decade before the release and that it took him years to write a single word about it.… Read the Rest

How to Setup a Profitable Ad Campaign on Facebook

Social media sites, especially Facebook has stormed the online world. Billions of people are using this popular socializing platform to stay connected with one another.

This has opened avenues for businesses to market their products and services to targeted audience. While you can create a social profile on Facebook and build your list of friends and followers, and then promote your products, it will take a lot of time.… Read the Rest