How to Setup a Profitable Ad Campaign on Facebook

Social media sites, especially Facebook has stormed the online world. Billions of people are using this popular socializing platform to stay connected with one another.

This has opened avenues for businesses to market their products and services to targeted audience. While you can create a social profile on Facebook and build your list of friends and followers, and then promote your products, it will take a lot of time.

This is where Facebook ads come in handy to resolve your worries. By setting up your ad campaign, you can reach millions of targeted prospects within a matter of minutes and get results. However, the big question is how to setup a ad campaign on Facebook.

Here’s how to setup your very first profitable Facebook ad campaign;

Facebook provides two ad management tools: ads manager and power editor. It is advised to use the ads manager when you are just starting out.

Power editor is a complicated tool, and ideal for large scale campaigns. The ads manager lets you setup ad campaigns, make new ads and ad sets, manage ad bids, target different audiences, optimize campaigns, track the performance of your ad campaigns and do A/B testing of your campaigns.

To get started, sign in to Facebook, navigate to your page and click on the link that states ads manager account. Locate and choose manage ads in the right hand corner of your Facebook page.

If you are confused where you will find audiences, advanced reports and other things, go to the main navigation menu where you will find all such details.

Now that you are familiar with some basics, let’s set up the campaign. First of all, choose the ads manager tool and click on create ad; that’s all. You will be presented with a guide that will help you throughout your ad creation campaign.

Just choose your preferred options such as your targeted audiences, type of ad and input details such as images and copy.

Firstly, choose your campaign aim. You can choose brand and local awareness, traffic, reach, engagement, lead generation, product catalog stores and other options.

The aim/objective of ad campaign is asked so that Facebook will determine the ad formats, auto optimization and bidding options.

Once you have determined your objective (mainly conversions), give a name to the ad campaign. The name can be brand awareness or conversions as you like. Next try to set up the targeted audience.

Here you have two options: saved audience and new Facebook target audience. You may also go for customized targeted audience (if you know how to do).

Now set up the ad placement. Facebook allows you to place your ads on Instagram, instant articles, Facebook’s news feeds, right hand side of user profiles, in-stream videos and audience network.

You can either choose the auto-ad placement feature or configure the campaign by yourself. Automatic placement is the best choice for your first campaign.

However, if you are handy with SEO, you may configure the set up of ad placement on your own by selecting and de-selecting particular options.

Next, you need to set up the campaign budget and bidding. Figure out how much you want to spend on your campaign.

Here you will have to choose between daily budget and lifetime budget. Depending on your goals, choose the option you like. As far as bidding is concerned, it is better to choose auto bidding. If you know the extent to which the results are worth, select manual bidding.

Aside from bidding, you should choose ad scheduling and ad delivery to complete this step. Finally, select the preferred ad type, insert the images and copy. Voila, you have just setup the ad campaign on Facebook.

Closing words

While it may seem a bit daunting, you will get used to with the process over time. Remember, the success of your ad campaign on this highly popular network largely depends on how effectively and seriously you follow the whole procedure and manage the performance of the campaign. So stick to the above tips properly and you could harness huge conversions and sales through Facebook ads.

Josh Phelps


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